Nice to meet you!

My name is Pablo Castiñeiras, world citizen born in Spain.

I am a learning, cultures and people adventurer since 2003 when I had the great chance to participate at an international youth exchange at Gozo (Malta) co-funded by the European Commission. Gozo means "joy" in Spanish and delighted by that experience I got involved at all the international adventures where I could learn and provide my passion first and professional expertise later.

After working in a youth office in Hungary I decided international educational training , intercultural relations and youth work should be a must in my life.

The next years I attended different international "Training for Trainerscourses (organised by the European Commission and Council of Europe among others) and started to run my first groups facilitation and training courses at local, national and European level with international groups working in English.

I wrote the book "Europas" discovering new worlds showcasing the highly inspiring intercultural world I was experiencing and my insights about the recent history and challenges of our diverse Europe.

While working at dozens of international events and advanced learning courses at more than 25 countries in Europe, Middle East and Asia I found time to attend a Vocational Training on Computers Administration (so I can handle the typical last minute issues with techs and gadgets). Besides, I managed a University organisation for voluntary learning-service and social education promotion and finished a Bachelor of Science in Psychology with minor on Health Psychology.

More info about my work and experience at my SALTO profile. Take a look at the organisations I have collaborated with!

Interested in working with me ? Do not hesitate to contact me!

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